Article: Can Anal Sex Be Romantic?

There’s a difference between the question of whether anal sex can be romantic and whether anal sex is romantic for me. Although I personally don’t find anal sex romantic or desirable, I have no difficulty acknowledging that for some people, it can be very romantic. Like most things in life, romance is subjective.

Why not? Romance means different things to different people. As long as we are talking about consenting adults where everyone’s needs are being met and everyone’s boundaries are being respected, anything goes. Not everyone enjoys anal sex or finds it romantic, but not everyone enjoys a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses either.

Romance is not reserved for the vagina. Besides, not everyone has a vagina anyway, and not everyone wants one either, and that’s wonderful. Society is finally approaching a point where we realize that sex and romance is about more than inserting Tab A into Slot B, where “Tab A” equals the penis, and “Slot B” is the vagina.

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