Anal Only is the Secret to a Healthy Relationship

Actually, the secret is communication, and communication is essential to developing an anal only relationship that is mutually satisfying and rewarding, but the fact that anal and anal only requires and encourages good communication can help the relationship as a whole.

Beyond that, however, it’s no coincidence that couples who have trouble with intimacy and their sex life in general often turn to anal, and find that it changes things for the better for everyone.

Not only can anal be more mutually physically satisfying, though it certainly is that, there’s also the thrill it sparks by knowing that you and your partner have a wonderful, sexy secret together that you share, knowing that when you have sex, it’s only going to be anal.

The need for communication and trust to make anal mutually enjoyable boosts your intimacy and makes anal sex feel so much more connected and intimate compared to vaginal, which makes the whole experience so much more intense and wonderful.

All these things combine to create a more full and wholesome sex life, which in turn carries over into the rest of your relationship and enhances everything. That’s not to say that anal sex is a magic cure all for everything, but going anal only can be a key part of a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship. Give it a try today if you haven’t. And if you have, share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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One response to “Anal Only is the Secret to a Healthy Relationship”

  1. Canassman says:

    Absolutely agreed to the points raised in this blog. While Anal Only may not be a panacea, for us it feels like the sign of a healthy relationship. Our communication improved and certainly our intimacy did, as well as our libido and frequency of having sex,

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