Why Double Anal Sex is Becoming More Normal

Over the past few years, first in pornography, and then more recently in real life, double anal sex has increasingly become more common, more desired, and more sought after.

Double anal has dominated porn, becoming a staple of group sex and largely sidelining traditional double penetration involving a combination of vaginal and anal penetration. Porn producers have commented on this, saying that double anal sells while double penetration doesn’t, and so DP generally only gets included as something extra, if it’s done at all—but more often, scenes are anal only with a focus on double anal. Essentially, audiences want to see anal and double anal the most. This is especially true for European studios and audiences, though it’s gradually becoming a global trend.

And in real life, people have become inspired by the widespread focus on double anal in porn, as well as a natural desire for more and bigger things in their ass which seems to come with the territory of anal play and sex for many people, and most anal only women who enjoy a bigger stretch or like group sex have developed a healthy interest in double anal.

In addition to the increased stretch and the ability for a woman to have anal sex with two different men simultaneously in a group sex setting or as part of a three-way relationship, double anal provides a phenomenal increase in pleasure that can’t be had any other way: by having two penises or dildos in the same rectum, they move in and out at different times and at different paces, and this causes stimulation that can’t otherwise be experienced. There’s also the mental stimulation of knowing that you have two men in your ass, sharing it and both enjoying it and getting off using it, and that can be very rewarding to many women.

Over the past couple years, dozens of women have communicated either through this blog or other platforms about their exploration and embrace of double anal sex, whether trying it on occasion, making it a regular part of their masturbation or sex life, or even making it their new normal way of having sex.

This focus has also led some women to becoming double anal only, where they prefer double anal to the point that they stop or generally avoid single anal sex as much as possible, instead doing double anal every time they have sex as their normal sexual outlet. In some cases, a promiscuous person who has sex with many different people often can make this sort of lifestyle work easily enough—though, in the age of COVID it can be more difficult. The majority of double anal only women end up being those who live with or have a relationship with multiple men and so always have two or more men available for sex at the same time, and can make it easily work to have double anal sex every time.

Whatever the arrangement, those who end up double anal only absolutely love it and have little interest in returning to single anal, to the point that some carry a dildo with them so that if they’re in a situation where only one man is available for sex, they can slide the dildo in alongside and turn it into double anal. Others will just do oral sex if there’s only one man, and anal if there are two.

What are your double anal experiences? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments or by submitting your story.

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  1. Khurram says:

    It’s called evolution. Human minds and bodies ‘ve evolved to acustom/join/enjoy double anal only, in their normal daily life.

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