Message: Anal More Emotionally and Psychologically Rewarding

Anonymous: You never mention the fact that most people find anal to be more emotionally and psychologically rewarding than vaginal, as well as the physical aspect. The overall experience is simply more fulfilling in some way. Personally, I think everyone would be much better off making anal the primary way of having intercourse and leaving vaginal for reproduction. I know there are some conservatives who will always want to stick with the traditional method though. Your thoughts?

Most couples who mutually enter an anal only relationship have confirmed this—their relationship in general becomes much closer, and they often both report their sex life being both more active and more fulfilling—physically and emotionally.

I don’t think you’re going to get much resistance from anyone on here when you suggest that everyone should be exclusively having anal sex for non-reproductive sex—but I’ll play devil’s advocate and remind everyone that everyone’s bodies and preferences are different and not every woman gets pleasure from anal sex or likes how it feels, and not every man is attracted to the anus or to anal sex. And that’s fine, and everyone should respect that rather than trying to push a partner into doing something they really don’t want to do.

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