If You’re Mostly Anal Only, It’s Time to Let Go of Vaginal

A common thing, possibly even more common than people already actively practicing anal only, is for someone to prefer anal sex to the point that it dominates a majority of their sexual activity. This isn’t at all surprising—when done properly, anal is consistently more pleasurable, enjoyable, exciting and intimate than vaginal sex, and among women who have regularly done both, most say they prefer anal.

But even still, many don’t take the final step to move past vaginal for good and decide to focus purely on anal going forward. Some simply haven’t considered the idea yet. Some feel they still need to have vaginal sex occasionally for some vague, undefined reason, or some sort of rejection of their femininity to not do it. Some think they still want or need it on occasion, or have a partner who does.

The reality is that anal only people and couples are consistently happier and more satisfied with their sex lives and find that excluding vaginal and focusing entirely on the anal pleasure that they prefer amplifies and improves everything and makes it more fun.

If you prefer anal, you owe it to yourself to try going anal only. You don’t have to commit to it fully up front, just try it for a few months at first and see what you think about it after that. Chances are you’ll find that you don’t miss vaginal at all and that you’ve enjoyed being anal only and want to stay that way.

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