The Role of Anal in Sexual Education

There’s a lot that can be improved in sex-ed in general, especially in the United States, but one improvement in particular would be with a greater focus on and inclusion of anal sex.

The reality is that not only is anal a completely legitimate sexual activity on the same level as vaginal and oral, it is and always will be the preference of many people, and of interest to many to try. Without proper education, a majority of people aren’t going to know how to try it properly, and will end up getting turned off by pain or discomfort because they didn’t do things right, and may never want to try it again. If they had been introduced to it properly, chances are they’d recognize it for the enjoyable and even superior sexual activity that it really is and at the very least make it a regular part of their sex life, if not make it their priority going forward.

Going further than just the normalization and equalization of anal sex alongside vaginal, a future goal would be to focus on anal as the new default, teaching its benefits and advantages over vaginal sex and encouraging its adoption as the primary form of non-reproductive sex practiced. This would have great societal benefits, from the near-perfect natural birth control reducing unplanned pregnancies to almost zero, to the fact that sex would become much more satisfying, intimate and mutually enjoyable for everyone.

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One response to “The Role of Anal in Sexual Education”

  1. LuvMyWifesAss says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Young people are going to have sex anyway, often unprotected. According to CDC numbers, there were more than 194,000 teenage pregnancies in 2017. These pregnancies could have been prevented by properly practiced anal sex. Sex education ignores anal sex as a birth control method because they want to promote the use of condoms to prevent STDs, as well as pregnancy. Although the use of condoms should be promoted, the fact is that tens of thousands of teenage girls use hormonal birth control and practice vaginal sex without condoms.

    Sex education should train people the proper techniques to have anal sex safely and comfortably, and how to use it to prevent pregnancy. Condom use can still be promoted. However, in the event they are not used, pregnancy would still be prevented if a couple only practice anal sex and ejaculation occurs deep in the rectum, preferably beyond the rectal valves.

    Comprehensive sex education would include information about how anal sex is better for sexual pleasure and bonding. The anus contains more nerve endings than vagina, providing a more intense experience that, studies have shown, result in the female experiencing orgasms a whopping 94% of the time. The tighter, stronger muscle band around the anus also provides for frequent anal sex without the loss of tightness so many couples experience after only a few years of frequent vaginal sex or after pregnancy.

    It’s easy to see modern sex education has failed in it’s current form, to the tune of 194,000 plus teen pregnancies per year.

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