Message: Longing for the Past

Darly W: I had a girlfriend in college that was so totally into anal it’s all she wanted to do. She got me hooked. She could take it straight to her ass with little to no warm up. The great thing is she didn’t like condoms, so I got to nut in her ass every time we fucked. Since we were monogamous and clean it wasn’t an issue. I’d bet I seeded her ass nearly 1000 times in the three and a half years we dated. If only I knew how lucky I was I would have done whatever it took to keep her.

I’ve been in several relationships since with women who would have anal sex, even a couple who really enjoyed it. None wanted only anal sex though.

My wife willingly has anal sex about two or three times a month. She orgasms every time, she just doesn’t seem to want it more than that? I would give anything for my wife to be anal only.

Is there any advice you can give for someone in my situation?

Have you tried talking to your wife about it? Not necessarily about diving right in to anal only, but about how much you love her ass and having anal sex with her and wanting to do it more often. Don’t just make it one-sided, ask her what she thinks about it, and listen. If she has hesitations, ask her about them. Most of the reasons someone might oppose having anal sex more often if they enjoy it on occasion can in fact be mitigated by working up over time to having more frequent anal sex.

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