Thoughts On Going Anal Only

goodlilsubbygirl: What’s your thoughts on going anal only?

bisexualattentionwhore: I’ve been anal only all this month and decided to go through November and it’s amazing. Having my ass filled is my favorite. Sometimes i have such strong urges to fuck my pussy though.., Any suggestions on what to do in December?

goodlilsubbygirl: I’ve been anal only since June, and I’ve been anal only before too. There’s a couple things I’ve done.

First I cut out all pussy touching completely. Touching it just made me want it more, and that wasn’t working. So none of that. This also forces me to play with my ass more, which helped me figure out all the different ways it can give me pleasure. Superior pleasure ?

Next I started wearing butt plugs in public all the time. This constantly kept me thinking about anal and that I’m teasing myself in the one way I can give myself pleasure. Wearing mini skirts put me in a slutty mindset and also kept me playful and thinking about who might see that plug. Really did a lot for me ?

Last I started to do more ass to mouth. This one really got me to love anal like I do. It’s so dirty and degrading but that in itself turns me on, and honestly I don’t taste that bad and I just want more ??‍♀️? this had me thinking about anal all the time and I kinda stopped thinking about my pussy that much

Honestly anal feels hundreds of times better than pussy for me. So that and doing all this really did it for me! If you have any more questions you can message me! Or we can keep replying here for everyone to see ?????❤️

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