Message: A Sort of Anal Only

I recently realized that in a way, me and my fuck buddy have been anal only: the only place he has ever come with me is my ass 🙂

If I would have to choose only one hole, I would definitely no question about it be anal only. But I also like PIV, and it’s nice that he often fucks my pussy when he prepares my ass for penetration. But my favourite part of sex is when I’m opened up and he fucks my ass hard.

I also wanted to thank you on your advice to see how it feels it you’re not touching your clit while being penetrated. I realized that I can come from penetration only, both vaginally and anally! And I love the feeling, it’s like see, no hands! 🙂 I usually orgasm many times during sex, so I’m alternating between touching my self and enjoying the penetration only.

I actually hadn’t really realized how much this idea of anal only had appealed to me, until I noticed how happy I was about him coming only to my ass 🙂 Because like I said, I also like PIV and am sure I would not like to give it up. But I was happy to discover that there is this anal only sort of thing that suits me perfectly.

Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you’ve tried new things and in turn have discovered new things about yourself, and I’m glad this blog has a certain level of appeal to and following from those who may not be interested in a “strict” anal only lifestyle but still gain something from the discussion.

That said, why not give it a try? Even if you’re sure you don’t want to give up vaginal, consider giving it a try for a month or two, and see what it’s like. Plenty of people have gone into an anal only trial period convinced they couldn’t give up vaginal for good, but come away realizing that they don’t actually miss it.

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