NYT: Birth Control Pills Still Linked to Breast Cancer, Study Finds

From a recent New York Times article, hormonal birth control continues to be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

The study, which followed 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade, upends widely held assumptions about modern contraceptives for younger generations of women. Many women have believed that newer hormonal contraceptives are much safer than those taken by their mothers or grandmothers, which had higher doses of estrogen.

An interviewed individual suggests alternatives for some women.

Because risk increases with age, Dr. Weiss suggested that older women may want to consider switching to a hormone-free birth control method, like a diaphragm, an I.U.D. that does not release hormones, or condoms. “It’s not like you don’t have a choice,” she said. “Why not pursue another option?”

Why not, instead, choose the most natural form of birth control: anal sex. The anal only lifestyle is a fantastic form of birth control on top of its many other benefits.


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