Message: Benefit of Anal Only?

bjsmakemewetI am all about oral. I absolutely love to suck cock. I also enjoy anal. I have all kinds of butt plugs and anal vibrators. But, I can’t see the benefit of anal only. Can you tell my why I should even consider going exclusively anal/oral?

Pleasure. Done right, anal is a lot more pleasurable and arousing than vaginal. It can lead to incredible and intense pleasure on its own, and anal orgasms are similarly amplified. For many men, anal is far more pleasurable than vaginal.

Intimacy. It’s something that for many people requires an increased level of trust with their partner and it’s also a way of sharing each other sexually on a whole new level, and many find the intimacy of going anal only is a huge benefit.

Arousal. As hinted at above, anal is a huge arousal booster for women, both the act itself, and receiving and absorbing semen rectally. Many women find that their sex drive grows considerably by going anal only. Those who incorporate clitoral denial as well and only have pure anal orgasms benefit from avoiding the loss of arousal many women get after a clitoral orgasm, as anal orgasms for most women do not have that same effect.

Excitement. It’s fun, still relatively uncommon sexual lifestyle choice, and it can be really exciting to decide to be anal only going forward. If you have a partner, it can be a sexy secret you share together.

Those are a few reasons, and there are many more. Everyone is different, and has different needs, but done right everyone can enjoy anal, and I think everyone would benefit from giving anal only a try for a few months at least and seeing how it suits them. Many people don’t quite see why they would want to stay anal only long term until they try it, but after a month or two, most don’t want to go back to vaginal. It’s a much more intense and pleasure-oriented way of having sex, and vaginal is often fairly bland in comparison.

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