Anal Only is Better for Women

Contrary to popular belief, and something that is echoed by many of the anal only women out there, the primary benefactors of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle are women.

So many people still insist on the misconception that women don’t enjoy anal and only do it for their male partners, and that men get far more enjoyment from anal penetration than women do.

Now, men certainly enjoy and get a lot of benefit out of anal sex as well, but the point of this article is to explore how vastly superior anal can be for women in comparison to men.

For men, it’s sexier, tighter, has more texture and grip than vaginal, and allows for deeper penetration.

For women, the contrast is more significant:

  • The tightness leads to a much more intense feeling of fullness compared to vaginal, which amplifies pleasure in general and makes everything more stimulating as a result.
  • The depth allows much much deeper and harder penetration without risking impacting with the cervix, which can be very uncomfortable and painful.
  • Anal sex is inherently a form of natural birth control, and it’s very difficult to get accidentally pregnant from anal sex (not impossible, but rare), which allows focusing on sex and pleasure without the fear of risked pregnancy, other forms of birth control failing, or their cost and side effects.
  • Less than 1/3 of women are able to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone and rely on clit stimulation in order to orgasm during vaginal. However, studies show that over 80% of women who have anal sex orgasm from it. Because many women experience negative side effects from clit orgasms, including loss of arousal, oversensitivity post-orgasm, and emotional crashes and depression post-orgasm, which generally are not present with anal orgasms, this can make a tremendous difference to long term enjoyment of sex and arousal.

So, if you or someone you know thinks that men get the most benefit from anal sex, it’s always best to try it for yourself and see what you really think. Chances are you’ll be surprised just how much greater anal is than vaginal for women, and the benefit is usually even greater for women than it is for men.

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One response to “Anal Only is Better for Women”

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve been anal only since I first dated my now husband who discussed his likes and dislikes (he’s very much obsessed and firm on only anal) since we first and hit it off. I was young (18) at the time and never did more than touch my clit, kinda felt boring and u never reached climax (I am a born female)

    It took some work getting used to it but I had my first orgasm with him by anal alone and it was exhilarating honestly. The fact that it felt so taboo prepping for fun later at night. We’ve been together for 5 years and it’s still all we both want, he does like to play with my vagina cause it gets very wet, but keeping my virginity and being anal only is like our big dirty secret and I don’t want that to ever change.

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