Anal Only vs. Oral Only: An Exploration of Exclusivity in Sexual Activities

One of the fundamental principles of the anal only lifestyle is that by exclusively focusing on anal penetration as the primary sexual activity (oral is still very much a part of sex for most anal only couples, but it tends to not be a primary activity) and completely excluding vaginal sex, the overall sexual experience for both partners is enhanced and improved.

This is an interesting idea, that removing something from your sexual repertoire actually makes everything else better. It can seem counterintuitive in a world that treats everything like more is always better, but the results don’t lie and those who have explored the anal only lifestyle for themselves can confirm that their sex life improves with the elimination of vaginal sex and a focus on anal.

For most of us, this may be in part simply due to the fact that we prefer anal sex and see vaginal as an unwanted distraction from the type of sexual activity that we want to spend all our time on. But there’s more to it than that, in ways that relate in some ways to other forms of sexual exclusivity and exclusion.

Women have long discovered that the suppression of clitoral stimulation or of orgasm can cause significant boosts in arousal and pleasure overall, which is why orgasm denial or delay can be a very popular thing for many women, resulting in greater interest in sex and greater pleasure from it.

The anal only lifestyle has many of those same benefits, without the total orgasm denial, which is why in many ways it can be seen as a superior form of such a lifestyle. Rather than denying orgasms, one focuses on anal orgasms instead, which cause intense pleasure without the loss of arousal that clitoral stimulation or vaginal sex have.

Another less-known lifestyle that relates to these topics is the oral only lifestyle, where the more submissive partner does not receive either anal or vaginal penetration and only gives oral sex to their partner, using their mouth and throat as their only sex organ. This is, naturally, much more of a submissive role focused on giving pleasure without receiving it, though there are oral only women who can orgasm from giving blowjobs or from being throatfucked.

Whatever appeals most to you or works best, consider trying to exclude your least favorite sexual activities and see if it enhances the other aspects of sex for you by doing so. If you have vaginal, anal and oral sex, try excluding vaginal and going anal and oral only. If you’re already anal only, try focusing just on oral for a few weeks to a month.

Most people who are anal only already won’t want to go oral only full-time, but it can be a fun short-term exploration, something to do while on vacation or for an anniversary gift, perhaps, before returning to both anal and oral. The short break can sometimes make the anal that much better when you get back to it.

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