Message: Problems With Deep Anal?

Anonymous: I have been asking things here for a while now, but I feel this is the best place to ask as I have followed this blog for a while now and practice healthy and enjoyable anal sex. My question is: I have never gone all the way in my girlfriend’s ass. I’m 6.5″ but I only penetrate about 3″ max. Are there any side effects for the girl from going deep in her ass, and is it ok to cum in deep?

Anal sex for most people occurs within the rectum, which varies in length from person to person, with an average of about 4.7″. At the upper end of the rectum, there is a sharp bend to the person’s left and it transitions into the sigmoid colon. When an object (a penis or a dildo or what have you) bumps into that bend, it can at times be painful for the person but generally does not cause harm simply to bump into it without being forceful.

If you are gentle and the person is able to relax enough, it can be possible to (temporarily) straighten that bend, assuming your penis is longer than their rectum, and penetrate into the sigmoid colon. This can potentially be very pleasurable for both people if done correctly, but care must be taken to avoid hurting the person being penetrated.

There is also a higher chance of encountering fecal matter beyond that bend. The rectum generally remains empty except right before one feels the need to go to the bathroom, but the colon itself may contain fecal matter that hasn’t yet progressed into the rectum.

If you have not reached the end of the rectum and are simply staying within its first 3 inches, there is no risk from deeper penetration of the rectum, and there is no problem with deep ejaculation either.

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