Message: Deep Anal Tips

Anonymous: My girlfriend recently took a dbl headed dildo about 13 inches up her ass for the first time and now she is curious to learn more about deep anal any tips?

If you enter the sigmoid colon, you may want to do a deep enema first. While the rectum usually stays fairly clean and empty, the colon does not. Frequent deep enemas, however, are not a good idea. You also want to go very slowly and use a very flexible toy when going deep, to go around the sharp bends without causing injury. You’ll usually encounter a lot of resistance initially but by slowly working the dildo around it will usually suddenly pop through and open things up, allowing you to go even deeper.

If you reach a point where it becomes uncomfortable, back the dildo out and then push it up to the point of discomfort again, repeating until you can get it deeper without that discomfort. Take it slow. Don’t force anything. Don’t do anything that is beyond discomfort—just keep edging up on that discomfort and pushing it further and further back as you warm up and are able to go deeper without the discomfort getting in the way.

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