Discussion of the Day: How Long Have You Worn a Butt Plug?

Someone on EdenFantasys’ forum asked:

How long have you wore a butt plug for?

Answers vary a lot, from a few hours to days. This response is by far the best, however:

I wore one for a week straight. I know for a fact, since we were on a cruise and I wore a different jeweled one, my hubby surprised me with each day. The last day it had a lovely ruby on the end…and it turns out it’s a real Ruby! He was spoiling me for our anniversary. Not a ruby I will flash for anyone but him, I should say!

I knew he would be visiting my tush at least a few times a day, so I kept the plug lubed by removing it every few hours and applying some thick gel lube, which hubby carried at all times in his pocket for me. When I would go swimming or doing any activity that might make me sweat, I would apply some more lube right after, so my tail end stayed stretched, happy and ready for my hubby to come in and play happily the whole trip.

Other then the lube sessions about every hour, and, of course, to use the bathroom, I wore it continually, even to sleep, although most nights, my hubby replaced the plug with his lovely penis instead. Yummy.

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