Message: Preferring Anal Isn’t Weird

Anonymous: I want to thank you for your blog, I like anal so much more than vaginal but I got discouraged by some guys who acted like it was weird for me to want anal all the time and made me feel like I shouldn’t want it so much, but your blog and all the stories and comments on it made me realize it isn’t weird and lots of other girls like it better too. I wasn’t anal only before but I really think I will be now, so thank you for that too.

I’m sorry to hear that people made you feel like you were weird for preferring anal. The reality is that for the vast majority of people, anal sex feels better than vaginal when done correctly. But there are still a lot of pervasive myths and stigmas keeping it from being embraced as the superior sex act and source of pleasure that it truly is, and so there are those who find it weird that a woman would want or prefer it. Don’t ever let that discourage you, though. You know it’s better, you know it’s what you want, and you deserve partners who understand that too. Embrace your love for anal and be proud of it. If a guy can’t understand it, don’t take it personally—he’s just not the right guy for you. There are plenty more out there who love women that love anal.

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