Message: Is This Anal Only Stuff a Real Thing?

Anonymous: My boyfriend thinks that because I have a round butt I am made for anal and only that and that he wants us to move in that direction. Like what? I am not against the idea but the way he puts it is just weird He directed me to your blog and I have to be honest I am wondering if this anal only stuff is really a thing?

Anal only is definitely a real thing and there are a lot of people (men and women both) who prefer anal to the point of only wanting anal without vaginal, as well as quite a few who actively practice the lifestyle. It’s not just a fantasy (though it is for some), it’s something real people are doing and enjoying. (The captions on the porn blog are often fantasy scenarios, to be clear, but the asks are real people and real conversations about real scenarios as far as I can tell, and the Anal Only Lifestyle community has several thousand real people in it.)

However, it isn’t something that should be forced onto anyone, it should be done out of a mutual desire or love for anal sex. It’s not clear based on your message what sort of attitude your boyfriend is taking towards it, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s just complementing your ass when he says that it’s made for anal and expressing his desire to go anal only with you so he can focus on your sexy ass.

If it’s not something that you’re against and are willing or interested in trying, I’d encourage it. You don’t have to make it a full commitment up front, just try it for a month or two to begin with and see where it goes from there. If you’re still enjoying it a lot at that point, then consider going more long term with it.

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