A Schooling on Anal Only

Anonymous: Why in this your misoginy school only women have to give up her core of womanhood that is her clit, the ultimate sex organ of nature, but men can keep using their penis?!! Why the restriction in genitalia is just to women?!! What a fucking sick idea of yours.. My God.

analonlyschool: Thank you for your message. In your hurry to direct your outrage towards me, you may have failed to notice that within the fictional scenario of this blog, the Anal Only School is a learning establishment that women choose to enroll in and can leave at any time if they find that it is not for them. A complete focus on anal sex is the advertised and stated intent of the Anal Only School, so everyone involved knows what they’re getting themselves into.

As for the reason why clitoral denial is encouraged within the Anal Only School: because there is greater pleasure for women to be had without direct clitoral stimulation, an increase in arousal, and other sexual benefits. Anal only orgasms, which stimulate among other things, the internal parts of the clitoris that surround the rectum, can be more intense and pleasurable without the negative side effects of clitoral orgasms that lead to post-orgasm mood changes and loss of arousal.

Why would you deny women greater pleasure by insisting on clitoral stimulation above all else?

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