Message: How to Avoid Overdoing Anal Douching?

Anonymous: How can I know I’m only cleaning out my rectum when douching? I just bought one of those bulb type ones offline and don’t want to over use it the first time! Is it the amount of water or like? Am I just supposed to know? People make it seem like an enema and anal douching are synonyms so I’m confused!

In some ways they’re synonymous, but an enema can often be a much higher volume of water and so goes much deeper. It may take a little bit of practice and experimentation to get it right—just try it with a small amount of water first, maybe close to a full bulb, hold it, push it all out, and repeat a couple times until the water comes out clean every time. After the last time, walk around for a few minutes before using the bathroom again—it can take a little bit for the last bit of water to come out sometimes.

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