Message: Expanding My Sexual Limitations, Starting With Anal

Anonymous: Hello! I’m trying to expand my sexual limitations I’ve had my whole life – starting with anal. I’m curious to how I should start off playing with my ass, and what objects / toys I can use at home. Could you help me out?

That’s great to hear, I’m sure you’ll come to thoroughly love it if you approach it right!

First, you can just start with your own fingers. Explore the outside of your anus for a while while masturbating, rub against it with a lubricated finger, and when you feel comfortable, slip one inside. Masturbate to orgasm while fingering your ass. Start doing this regularly. When one is very comfortable, add a second finger. Keep adding fingers as you feel ready to do so.

After you can fit a few fingers easily on a regular basis, try something else. Proper sex toys like dildos and butt plugs are best, but people often make do with small bottles, hairbrush and tooth brush handles, and the like, when starting out with anal play. Be careful, though, objects not made for use as legitimate anal toys have a chance of getting lost inside, so take care to avoid that if you do any sort of play with a household object.

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