Message: How To Give My Girlfriend an Anal Orgasm

drjarvisstrange: Me & my girlfriend discovered an anal pleasure & fun a few months ago. We’re not anal-only yet, but we do it a lot of times, especially on her period time. But I want to know, how can I give her anal orgasm (few weeks ago I read an article about it, but without instructions…)? I want to give my gf as lot pleasure as I can get, but for now, when we do anal, only I have an orgasm. She’s not complaining about it, but I want to make our anal fun more enjoyable for her. Can you help me, please?

Can she orgasm if she plays with her clit during anal? Does she orgasm other times? She may simply not care if she doesn’t cum from anal as long as she does sometimes—many women don’t see an orgasm at the end every single time being essential to enjoying sex.

Beyond that, there are a lot of different ways different people achieve anal orgasm. Some just work over time to slowly reduce the amount of clitoral stimulation needed to cum from anal. Some stop all clitoral stimulation, during anal or otherwise, and let the growing arousal and need to cum help push them over the edge during anal. This can take a while, but can work for some. Everyone’s a bit different, though, and it’s hard to predict what will work for any given person.

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