Message: Opposition to Anal Illogical

Anonymous: Why do you suppose there are so many opposed to anal sex? In real life people saying its bad when they haven’t tried it or those on the net who make up stuff about it being harmful? Anyone who’s tried it must surely realize all this is bullshit but also once you’ve tried it why wouldn’t you want to repeat it? It just puzzles me as the whole argument against isn’t logical.

People who are improperly introduced to anal tell all their friends that it hurts, and when those friends are asked to try it, they don’t want to because they incorrectly think it’s going to hurt and look up evidence about how it’s harmful, which they then spread further. In reality, prolapse and fissures are not caused by normal anal sex that’s been properly prepared for—people who have such issues usually were already prone to them and it would’ve happened without the anal sex.

I don’t think there are many people who have had anal sex and enjoyed it who spread fear and misinformation about it, unless they’re lying to themselves and trying to convince themselves it’s bad and they shouldn’t have it, for other reasons.

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