Man Has Had Primarily Anal Sex for Past 30 Years

A 49 year old man tells about the different anal only relationships he has had. It is another example of how much more common it is than people think to be exclusively anal!

I’m a 49 y.o. man and have had predominantly anal sex with my partners since the age of 18. This includes a marriage of 12 years and 3 other long term relationships.

With my ex-wife, we started anal pretty much straight away and it became predominant in about 95% of our lovemaking, usually starting with oral then anal or occasionally vaginal then anal, but nearly always finishing in her anus. I think my ex enjoyed anal but probably not to the same extent I did, however she enjoyed it more (and encouraged me) to do it hard and fast, and in my experience that is a definite indicator of female enjoyment. She never experienced any ill effects from anal sex and we probably indulged 8-10 times per week.

After divorce and a couple of years alone, I started a serious relationship with a woman of similar age to me who had never engaged in anal and showed no particular interest. Our physical relationship progressed vaginally & orally, but she had the perspicacity to notice that I wasn’t 100% engaged during intercourse, saying it seemed lack-lustre. So, I ventured my anal interest, she tried it and enjoyed it, also enjoying my new-found enthusiasm, and due to some birth control method issues she suffered we found that 100% anal suited us both! It simply became ‘normal’ regular sex for us for the following 3 years, I think she enjoyed that it was unusual to be exclusively anal

Definitely worth reading the rest of the post, where he talks about having no interest in vaginal sex anymore and that he tells all potential suitors that if they’re together, they will be having 100% anal sex only and never any vaginal. It pays to be up front!

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