Message: Why Limit Yourself to Anal Only?

miss-van-der-roheTo each their own, but why limit yourself to one way to have sex? It’s the flipside of having vaginal sex only without even trying anal ever. And from what I see you’re actually turned OFF by female genitals, which is an issue in itself; it’s like those women who claim to be attracted to men but are disgusted by their penises and never want to look at one – you think that’s healthy?

Great question. Ultimately, I think people should do what appeals to them. People who enjoy vaginal sex should have vaginal sex. People who enjoy both anal and vaginal sex should have both. And people who prefer anal should have anal. I’m not turned off by female genitals so much as attracted to the female anus even more. In fact, I find a lot of vulvas quite beautiful, but the overall experience with anal sex is more enjoyable all around.

There are many different reasons people choose to go anal only. In some cases it is a bit of a fetishization of limitation, e.g. vaginal chastity while replacing it completely with the anus as a sex organ. That turns some people on—men and women both. But for others—again, men and women both—vaginal sex just doesn’t do anything for them. It doesn’t feel as good or doesn’t make them cum easily or at all, while anal does. If you can’t cum from vaginal sex but you can from anal, or if anal routinely leads to much better orgasms, it’s no surprise that you would prefer anal.

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