Message: Cheated On My Husband, Now I Need Anal But He Isn’t Interested

Anonymous: I love anal sex. Cheated on my husband with the most perfect lover who taught me how to crave anal sex. Best orgasms of my life. But I’m back with my husband now and he has never been interested in anal. Any suggestions for gently bringing him along, without tipping off that my lover was the one who taught me?

I can’t offer advice on lying to your husband about cheating, but if you want to incorporate anal into your sex life with him, I would suggest telling him that you want to try anal with him, start out gradually with some anal play, and work up to sex. If he’s not interested, there isn’t much you can do.

The original poster responded:

Anonymous: You don’t have to post and respond… I just wanted to say, husband knows all about affair (not sexual details obviously) and so it’s not lying to him about cheating but shielding him from where I learned stuff. But you’re right there’s probably nothing I can do. Very VERY sad about that. Miss my lover a lot.

Understood. I would still just try to ease him into it and see if you can slowly introduce a bit of anal play into the mix by suggesting that you’d like to try it with him. If he’s not interested, perhaps a compromise where you wear a plug during other sexual activities with him?

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