Message: Anal Only As A Couple, Part 2

Anonymous: Hey I’m the anon with the couples question. I’ve seen this happen with guys who want their girls to try anal. My view is I wouldn’t ask anything of someone else that I wouldn’t do to myself. So I would say take the initiative and try a plug or something too. That way it’s not one sided. I’m still curious if anyone has any ideas as to how a straight couple could both do AO… Thanks 🙂

For some that’s a viable option, and if it interests a man to explore receiving anal play himself, then that’s fine and good, great even. But not everyone is interested, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Sexual relationships don’t have to be completely balanced in that manner in every circumstance. A man can be a fantastic anal lover for his partner without needing to get fucked in the ass an equal amount.

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