Message: Maybe I Don’t Hate Your Blog After All

Anonymous: Hi, this is the girl who hated your blog again. I came back and read your response and have been going through your blog for a while. I thought about it and you’re right that I can enjoy anal on its own, so maybe it isn’t right to think of my pussy and clit as the core of female sexuality, that’s just how I’ve always thought of them and I think most women do. But maybe that’s too limiting? Anyway, I’m going to try only having anal for a week and see what I think when it’s my choice. Thanks.

I’m surprised, most people who attack my blog disappear and don’t come back when I respond. I’m glad that you decided to take a closer look and consider it from a different perspective. I’m also glad that my interpretation seems to have been correct and anal only might actually be something you like trying if you look at it from a different perspective instead of seeing it as something you’ve been forced into doing. Since you say you really enjoy anal, you’ll probably have a good time if you consider it a personal challenge, a fun experiment, a sexy secret about yourself. Good luck. I hope you end up changing your mind on anal only and maybe even embrace it for yourself.

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