Message: After-Effects of Rough Anal Sex

Anonymous: Lately my wife and I have been having much rougher anal sex. It’s amazing, but after I drop my load and pull out, there’s usually a bit of dripping out of her asshole that we’d like to avoid. Suggestions?

I think you left a crucial word out, unfortunately, but I can guess at what you mean. A bit of blood, or a bit of feces?

If it’s blood, try warming up more first, stretching a bit longer and a bit larger with toys before moving on to sex. Make sure you’re using enough lube. Whenever you encounter blood, stop and let it heal for a few days before trying again, just to make sure any minor injuries that may have occurred heal rather than turning into anything larger.

If it’s feces, try an anal douche/fleet enema before having sex. You usually don’t want to go too deep with an enema unless you go for a full deep enema and flush everything out—which you don’t want to do too often anyway. Also try having her wear a plug for half an hour or so before sex—in addition to helping warm her up, it can sort of temporarily “activate” the digestive system and move things along if things are close. If it’s just a bit at the end, though, I presume a minor douche would solve the issue.

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