Message: Why Should Women Abandon Their Clits?

Anonymous: why do you say women should abandon their clits too? you’ve said you aren’t trying to push women into giving up pleasure by going anal only, but it seems like you are with clit denial

It’s a mix of factors for me, to be honest. Part of it is just another level above the already very arousing idea of vaginal abandonment in favor of anal—a woman who chooses to first abandon her pussy in favor of anal exclusivity is a huge turn on, and going further to also abandon her clit is even better.

Another part is another related escalation—a woman who gets physical pleasure from anal sex is a turn on, and a woman who can cum from anal on its own without any clitoral stimulation as well is even more of a turn on.

I try to balance the fact that these things are arousing with the fact that not every woman can easily orgasm from anal only and many do need clitoral stimulation to cum. I try to appreciate and enjoy the idea of clitoral denial without excluding women who still need or just want to use their clit. But therein lies another aspect of clitoral denial and its presence on this blog: I strongly encourage everyone to try it, even if you need your clit to cum right now. A lot of women can become dependent on it and so only experience one form of pleasure and orgasm, with the clitoral sensations overwhelming and distracting from other, perhaps more subtle, anal sensations. So just as I encourage people who like anal but aren’t anal only to experiment with a period of time where they try going without vaginal penetration, I also encourage anal only women to try going for a while without any clitoral stimulation, to see if they can start experiencing new forms of pleasure and stimulation.

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