Message: Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Lose Her Virginity But Doesn’t Like Anal

therealmikelowry: Love the blog, My girl is a virgin and thinks that vaginal is the way to go, but she doesn’t want to lose her virginity so we did anal for a a year now. The thing is, until now, sometimes it hurts her. We fuck nearly twice a week and sometimes twice a month. She’s a moody chick, and i ran out of ideas into making this easy for her. I got her dildos and butt plugs, but she wouldn’t use them that much. I need her to want it more, i dont wanna run after her and knowing she can’t handle anal.

Sounds like she isn’t that into anal, she’s just doing it to have something to offer sexually without having vaginal sex. Even when it doesn’t hurt, does she enjoy it? Or is she just going along with it? If you’re going to continue doing anal, you should be sure to communicate about what she likes and doesn’t like and try to explore together how to make it more enjoyable for her. Eat her pussy and finger her ass at the same time. Play with her clit during anal. Get her a vibrator if she doesn’t have one, have her use it during sex. But most importantly—find out what she likes and wants and would like to try. Instead of simply buying her dildos and plugs to train with, ask what she would like to do.

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