Discussion of the Day: Some women prefer anal sex?

Mr. Man on hipforums’ Oral & Anal Sex forum asks:

I have read that there are some women who actually prefer anal sex to vaginal sex, because the orgasms from it are better than from regular sex. Which I find interesting because I had always read that women couldn’t orgasm from anal sex. Any ladies here who can give their opinions on this?

JoeBone replies:

I don’t see how a woman can orgasm from anal sex, unless you are otherwise manipulating the clitoris or going for a g-spot orgasm using whatever. I just don’t buy it.

Otherwise, I’m sure that there are a few woman out there who are really into anal that just might prefer it – but I can’t imagine why.

First he makes a blanket statement for all women, even though 1) he is not a woman, and 2) different women react differently to different stimulation, then he manages to display total ignorance of reality, because there actually are a number of women who can orgasm from anal alone with no clitoral stimulation. There is also an ongoing assumption that orgasms from anal sex only refer to anal only orgasms, rather than what many women who cannot experience anal only orgasms do: combining clitoral stimulation with anal penetration for an orgasm more powerful than with clitoral/vaginal stimulation alone.

Several people jump in with their own anecdotes to counter JoeBone, however:

I’ve fucked a chick in the ass and she cummed without any other stimulation. Solve that one for me JoeBone…

My good friend told me anal makes her squirt. lol She loves it

But he’s having none of it:

I’m sure there was no possibility that she was faking it.

People like this who discount claims of people’s sexual functions because they conflict with their personal worldview or preferences are harmful to the general public’s understanding of sexuality.

Then there’s this.

My gf cums from anal all the time. She can actually reach orgasm in about half the time it takes her to cum vaginally. She says the orgasms are quicker and more intense.

Lots of women like anal. My gf doesn’t prefer it over vaginal, but when it comes to giving her quick and powerful orgasm I go for the butt. I don’t think either of us would want to give up vaginal for anal, but anal is more intense and gratifying for both of us.

For me there is nothing hotter than seeing my gf’s big butt bent over, and spread, with my cock nestle snugly between her ass cheeks, balls deep in her warm anus. Not to mention when she cums, her asshole spasms, practically milking my penis. It’s the best feeling ever, I love making my girl cum anally, it feels so great for both of us.

He says neither of them want to give up vaginal for anal but then goes on and on about why anal is so much better for the both of them and gives them quicker, more powerful orgasms than vaginal. That sort of thing seems pretty common, where people clearly prefer anal by far and yet still refuse to recognize that fact and think they need to continue fucking pussy as well.


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