Correcting Anal Misconceptions

A self-described sex specialist posted the following on her blog, claiming to be correcting misconceptions men have about anal from viewing porn—unfortunately, her corrections are full of misconceptions:

boys like anal because of what they see in porn…
the assumption that its going to feel better because its tighter..
this is exactly how porn is misleading.. men who know how to satisfy a woman and have experienced making a woman orgasm usually do not even like anal. not only can a woman not orgasm from it, there is also no natural lubriation, or pulsing contractions (like there are in the vagina). Anal is also less intimate and is missing the gratification from arousing a woman (comparatively speaking)

While not all women can orgasm from anal penetration alone, many can, because the clitoris and g-spot can be stimulated anally—in many cases, better than it can vaginally. Furthermore, if you externally stimulate the clitoris while being anally penetrated, the anal penetration often amplifies the sensations from your clit. So while some will require more than just anal penetration, the anal penetration does often make it more pleasurable.

Natural lubrication is wildly overrated. All you need is a bottle of lube and a few seconds to a minute to apply it. A total non-issue. Plenty of women need lube for vaginal sex as well.

No pulsing contractions? Clearly not someone with a lot of experience with anal sex, because any such contractions felt vaginally are even more powerful anally. Anal muscles are incredible, and the pulsing contractions when she orgasms while you’re inside her ass are just about the best thing ever.

Anal is more intimate than vaginal sex, if you do it right. There are plenty of anal only couples who make love anally and find it to be far more intimate than vaginal sex. Anal is something special, far more special than vaginal.

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