Message: Why Do I Cum More When Doing Anal?

Anonymous: Why when I have anal sex with gf I ejaculate three to four times more heavier and powerful than vg sex? I can feel going like river inside her almost hard to stop, does anyone experiment such thing like this, oh I like vg sex but my favorite really is anal, the sensations are way far different than vg sex, love anal but gf is not much interested in anal sex and don’t know what to do any suggestions of how to convince her to have anal sex more often. Thanks.

Make sure that any time you do have anal sex with her, you make it as enjoyable as possible for her: ask her what feels good, play with her clit if she wants you to, massage her back, etc. If she lets you, massage the outside of her anus during oral and vaginal sex, or finger her anally during those (again, only if she is okay with you doing this).

Ultimately, if she doesn’t like it, you’re probably not going to get to have much anal. But if she’s willing to try to enjoy it better, there are things you can do to make it more enjoyable.

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