Message: Our ‘Anal Only’ Story

While a couple of months pregnant my wife found vaginal sex uncomfortable. In the past we had anal sex a couple of times per month, so we tried it instead of vaginal sex, and she found it much more comfortable and was able to orgasm. A few nights later we had it again and both enjoyed it even more. By the time she was halfway through her second trimester we were having anal sex pretty much every day. Sometimes we had anal sex two or three times in a day. It was all I could do to keep up. Near the end of her pregnancy we had slowed down a bit. I think this was more due to her lack of sleep and the general discomfort of pregnancy than anything else.

After our son was born the lack of sleep kept us to once or twice a week. However we continued only to have anal sex. Once the little bugger was sleeping through the night we began to have anal sex three to five times a week. We never really talked about it, it was like it was just the natural thing to do, as if vaginal sex was as foreign to us as anal sex is to many.

Finally my wife asked me if it bothered me that we didn’t have vaginal sex. I told her it didn’t bother me at all. She said she was glad to hear that and proceeded to have anal sex with me until she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Several weeks later she ran out of her birth control pills. She made a point out of asking me if I thought she needed to get the prescription refilled. When I said I didn’t see the point, she just said, “good.”

Apparently people come to have an “anal only lifestyle” many different ways. But they stay anal only because of the orgasms only anal sex can provide.

Keep up the good work! There are still so many who need to learn an anal only lifestyle is possible.

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