Message: Pregnant Wife Wants Anal More Than Ever Before

Anonymous: Now that my wife is pregnant, she’s more up for anal than ever before, where before it was only special occasions. Has anyone else noticed this happen with their wife? I just want to fuck her sweet ass and nothing else so I’m going to use this opportunity to attempt to go anal only! Wish me luck!

I’ve definitely heard of cravings for anal surfacing during anal—sometimes from women who already practice and love anal but find themselves wanting it even more than usual, and other times from women who have a sudden urge to try it for the first time and discover they love it. I’ve also heard of women who are told by their doctors for various reasons that they cannot continue to have vaginal sex during pregnancy but that anal is okay, so they become anal only during pregnancy (and sometimes beyond) as a result.

You should definitely go for it—going anal only after having kids just makes sense anyway.

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