Message: Clitoral Stimulation and Anal Sex

deep-and-lovely: “I don’t see how a woman can orgasm from anal sex, unless you are otherwise manipulating the clitoris[…]” well DUH. Why do SO many men treat the clitoris like an optional thing in sex?

While the clitoris is the primary orgasm trigger for women (with vaginal/anal/other stimulation causing additional sensation or amplifying the orgasm), the external part of the clitoris is really only the tip of the iceberg—the majority of the clitoral structure is internal and in some women can be very easily stimulated anally, giving those women the ability to orgasm purely from anal penetration. In some this can be done without any practice or training, for others it might take more practice, and still others may need that external clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. It’s all good—whatever works best for you!

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