Message: Girlfriend Cheated, I Said We Had To Go Anal Only To Continue

Anonymous: Hi, I really do like this blog and well I would like to share something with you. I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 3 yrs now. I have always liked anal and my gf hadn’t done it before. We started doing it and then she loved it. Thing is almost when we were at 1 yr of relationship she cheated on me with another guy. Since then I can’t imagine myself fucking her in her pussy anymore so I told her we would go anal only otherwise we might as well break up. Now I punish her ass everyday.

While I’m not a fan of manipulating someone into the anal only lifestyle, if she cheated on you and afterwards, you were open about going anal only being a requirement for you to continue your relationship and she agreed, that seems fair if it works for the two of you.

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