Message: Friends Won’t Believe I Can Orgasm From Anal

Anonymous: So I have this crazy theory about why most people still seem to be against anal sex. I am able to have anal orgasms (no clitoral stimulation involved at all). Problem is that I can’t prove it. Sure my husband feels that there’s something going on inside my body. But I’ve been talking to some friends about it and they just won’t believe me. And I think that’s because religion STILL makes us think that women CAN’T like sex unless it’s for making babies. I think this is also a feminist issue.

I suspect that’s one of many factors at play.

There’s also a lot of misinformation involved, and a lot of people who think they know everything about anal but have never actually tried it themselves, or have only tried it incorrectly one time and never again. Statements that anal hurts or is only done to please men are very common, as are claims that damage and injury will arise from it.

Then there’s still the taboo aspect, which is fading for many but is still there for others, and which both prevents some who are interested in trying anal from expressing that interest, as well as preventing many who enjoy anal from saying so publicly.

It’s actually not too uncommon for women to be able to orgasm anally with no clitoral stimulation, and as more people continue to try anal (with the necessary preparation required to make it an enjoyable experience) I’m sure more will discover that they have that ability. Education and positive experience are probably the main things that are going to help get rid of the misconceptions surrounding anal.

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