Message: Soreness and Daily Anal Training

Anonymous: Hiii please answer um I need advice for after anal relaxation ? For the being sore after ? And is training every day safe and what’s the best line option please

If you’re sore after, the best bet is to take a break until you aren’t sore. Sometimes it might be hard to avoid being sore when you first start out, but the goal should be to avoid being overly sore at all (beyond the general pleasant post-sex soreness that can be normal). Make sure you’re warming up enough and using enough lube throughout to reduce the risk of soreness. If it hurts at any point during, you aren’t quite warmed up enough yet, or you aren’t trained enough yet.

Daily training is fine as long as you aren’t overly sore and it doesn’t hurt. If it does, take as long as a break you need in between until the soreness goes away. You want to fully heal any minor injuries that may occur before they develop into bigger injuries.

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