The Frequency of Anal When First Starting Out

The discovery of anal pleasure can be a very exciting thing for people new to it, and it can be easy to want to suddenly play with your ass or have anal sex as often as possible. However, when you’re first starting, it can also be easy to get quite sore quickly, just as when first starting a new exercise regime, so it’s often better to pace yourself to ensure maximum long-term enjoyment for everyone.

When getting started, either for the first time, or after a long break, always start slow and work your way up gradually, but also give yourself a day or two break in between sessions to allow your muscles to adjust and recover from any soreness as you train yourself and stretch them in new and better ways. You can always do a quick test with a toy and if you still feel any acute soreness, wait another day before trying again.

After a week or two of active anal play at the same level, you likely won’t have to continue doing this, and can shift to playing daily, but when training for larger toys or objects, you may find it beneficial to return to a several-days-a-week sort of routine again for that training. The difference here is that you may be able to return to using smaller toys or a small butt plug as your new baseline in between the larger toy training.

Stay safe, listen to your body, go slowly, take a few days off if you feel particularly sore, and you’ll be enjoying anal for a lifetime.

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