Message: What If Something Extra Comes Out?

Anonymous: Do you have any tips on how to prep for anal? I’m just petrified on the what if something “extra” comes out and that would just be beyond embarrassing.

Always go to the bathroom 15 to 30 minutes before any anal play session. Except for right before you need to go, the rectum generally stays empty. Try experimenting on your own with anal play to see for yourself and get more comfortable.

Some people will use an anal douche to flush out the rectum. The trick is to not get the water too deep—you want to clean the rectum but not beyond into the colon, which will end up causing a greater mess unless you then do a full enema (which isn’t advisable on a regular basis). For most people, this probably isn’t strictly necessary, but it can work for some.

But also recognize that sometimes, no matter what you do, there’s just a chance that there might be a mess. It’s really not a big deal, and if you have a partner who wants to have anal sex with you, they should be able to deal with any messiness that might occur in a mature manner.

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