If the front door is closed, try the back

From a student magazine, “The Lantern” comes this article and the authors experiences after a boyfriend requested anal sex:

I needed some input, so I called my friend Jessica who has a lot of expertise in this domain.

She told me it’s painful at first, but now she enjoys it.

Another friend opted to try it because pregnancy isn’t a possibility. It almost appears anal sex is the miracle women have been looking for: being able to enjoy someone else and a built-in birth control without marking up a calendar?!

She concludes with further reader comments and her own feelings about anal:

From the female end, a few women claimed they absolutely loved it, April wrote: “An ex introduced me to it and it was the only way I could get off.”

Men who wrote in said they love it because it’s a tight sensation and they had orgasms.

The truth is anal sex is natural. It’s not barbaric and several heterosexual couples do it, but it has a discouraging stigma attached to it. My friend Jessica gave it a rave review, while other friends who haven’t tried it only assume the worst.

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