What straight guys really think about anal sex

I had high hopes for this article:


But in the end was left greatly disappointed, as it perpetuates the same old myths, invents a few new ones and simply does not square with most peoples experiences.

The author (apparently a “sex writer” who has never had anal sex) makes a show of being neutral on the matter of heterosexual anal, but the piece is yet again more anti-anal propaganda.

I also think the men she interviewed for the article (who all come out against anal sex) are complete fabrications.

Take this quote, from “Scott”:

“I really like vaginas. They are just fantastic. I’m not really looking for an alternative,” he says. “When something else comes up, it’s like, what is this shit? That’s not what I came here for.”

This is useful when she wants to suggest there is no real demand for anal sex from straight men:

But among the men I spoke to, the “why is there anal sex in non-anal porn” gripe was common enough that I’m inclined to think that audience is much smaller than most porn directors think.

Her own data (from a recent survey) conflicts with her assertions – Anal sex is more popular than ever, especially among younger people (16-24).

I expect more articles in on this theme as more people discover a preference for anal sex – and expect more authors like EJ Dickson to stand Canute-like, fighting the tide.

But don’t take my word for it, have a read and decide for yourself.

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