Is it wrong to prefer anal sex?

A 37 year old woman and her boyfriend have started to have anal sex. This is what she has to say about it:

I’d always wanted to try anal as something we could do occasionaly as a bit of variety and 4 months ago my boyfriend and I did it for the first time. It felt absolutely fantastic and didn’t hurt at all. We did it for hours and I had my strongest orgasms ever. Ever since that night we’ve only done anal, we never have ‘normal’ sex anymore because we both love anal so much more.

She’s happy until she speaks to a friend:

The other day I told my friend about it and she said there must be something wrong with me if I like it that much and that it can’t be good for me. Is she right? Is there something wrong with me for prefering anal to vaginal? And are there any health issues with doing it so much?

Read about it and the many encouraging responses here.

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