Discussion of the Day: Who prefers anal sex over Vaginal sex?

Predictably, many people answer that they prefer vaginal, but there are some great responses from those few who do prefer it up the ass.

I prefer Anal! I think it feels more intense then Vaginal. We have been together for over 10 years it’s almost always been pussy until I finally figured out how to get comfortable enough to have Anal(2 years ago), ever since it’s been about half and half.

Then there’s this unfortunate response:

I’m afraid that if I start doing it more I may like it more, or possibly my husband may like it more

Women need to get over the hangup that vaginal sex is proper sex and that something is wrong with them or they’re less of a woman if they prefer anal. If she’s afraid she’s going to like anal too much if she has it too much, she already does prefer anal and is just too afraid to admit it. That’s unhealthy and it’s a damn shame to deny yourself something you love and prefer (and that your partner probably prefers too). Just admit your preferences to yourself and go with them. Life’s too short to be concerned about what’s the “right” or “proper” way to fuck. Fuck the way you want to.

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