Forum: Vaginal Virgin in Traditional Russian Community, Part II

A follow up from Ani, a vaginal virgin who shared her experiences in a traditional Russian community and who initially planned to lose her vaginal virginity upon getting married.

So I am again here! I wanted to post after losing virginity and to compare vaginal and anal sex 

Unfortunately it did not happen… Or maybe fortunately??? 

In the wedding night I was too nervous to lose virginity, I was afraid to cry because my parents were sleeping in the next room, so I asked my husband to go anal as usual. Next day we went with my husband for a wedding journey, and there I was again nervous to stain the hotel sheet with my blood, so the hotel workers might see my blood on the sheet. Also I think the main reason to be nervous is that I have been keeping my sweet pussy virgin too long and I have got used to stay virgin. I am not so afraid of pain, my husband is very kind and intelligent and he surely would be gentle unlike those men with whom I started anal sex. I guess it is more a psychological problem, because I have been waiting for this monent several years, but now when the moment has come, I am psychologically afraid of it.
However, I do not need to lose virginity, my husband loves anal sex much more than vaginal, and it is a good way for birth control too, so he does not demand to have vaginal sex at all. Before me he dreamed to meet a girl who at least allows anal sex sometimes, so he is very happy with me doing anal sex every day. Also I like to be “special”

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