Message: Anal Experiences

My name is Jay. I’ve been a fan of anal since i can remember. Even when I was a virgin years ago, I knew I loved ass and wanted to have sex with one. Me and my first GF explored and learned our bodies together (including anal) and it was the best.

A while after that I did it with a few more people here and there, until I met my ex-fiancee who was afraid of anal at first… but after some time she fell in love with it and couldn’t orgasm without it. We did strictly anal for 3 years, only using oral and vaginal as foreplay or to get me wet enough to fuck her tiny little ass. It was perfect. But that relationship faded.

Now I’m seeing someone who once again was afraid to try… but thanks to my experience she has come to love and expects anal during every sexual encounter. She still likes oral and vaginal pleasure so I do those to please her, but she knows I’m only interested in her ass… which she adores.

Fire away any questions or comments, I’m an anal only type of guy and would love to just have anal for the rest of my life, but I also give my partners what they need too. If they are willing to try taking my size in their bum… It’s the least I can do so long as I still get to cum in their ass… which is the only place I usually can.

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