Since we had our third child 5 years ago my wife will only have anal sex

The husband goes on to say:

She told me that “normal” sex is painful, and I can tell she is in pain. She enjoys oral but will only allow me to penetrate her anally.
My question is that we are intimate 2-3 times a week (usually), and I worry that we may be doing damage to her rectum? Even if we use a lot of lube can damage be done?

The doctor starts off well in her reply:

I do know that with proper lubrication and relaxing technique, anal sex isn’t harmful.

However, she then becomes sidetracked by this obsession that this signifies that there must be something wrong with the relationship; that the wife is bored, lacks sexual desire or is somehow repressed.

It  never occurs to her once that maybe the wife chooses to only have anal sex because she enjoys and prefers it to vaginal.

Read the whole story here.

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