Reddit: Anal Swinging

So an interesting situation has arisen and to be frank I could not be happier

My wife has pretty much told anyone that will listen her love for anal sex and our decision to withdraw from any vaginal sex what so ever. Reception is generally mixed but often curious.

Anyhow, a friend she has going back many years recently confessed that she masturbates almost exclusively anally and dreams of anal sex but her husband is frankly turned off by the thought of it. My wife then somehow has suggested to her that I take care of that desire for her. Fast forward two weeks and apparently one night she gets absolutely drunk with her husband and tells him of this plan. Turns out that HIs secret desire is to be cuckolded and given that is all she wants; getting anal from another man would be his absolute dream.

So now with that very unlikely turn of events has found myself not only with my anal only wife but another woman in our bedroom who wants nothing more than anal only

It’s been two weeks now with this new arrangement and I don’t think I’ve been so excited in forever.

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